2013 Update - Irv's is threatened again! Don't let another operator come in to replace the Hong family! The Burger Brigade urges you to send an email to Standard Oil Investment Group at info@thestandardoil.com or call them to protest (310) 710-4666. June 2005Irv's scores another win on June 27th, 2005, when the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission voted 5-2 to overturn the West Hollywood Planning Commission's recommendation to deny Irv's Burgers status as a local cultural resource!
Over 45 members of the Burger Brigade were on hand to voice public comment at the meeting, clearly impacting the Commission's decision.
The Planning Commission will present its revised report to the Historic Preservation Commission at a future date to be announced.  Once approved, the recommendation to declare Irv's Burgers a local cultural resource will be brought before West Hollywood City Council for final approval.
We ask supporters to watch this site for upcoming meeting dates posted here.  Your presence at these two public meetings are imperative to Irv's Burgers' survival as well as the preservation of one of the last examples of a post World War II roadside hamburger stand in West Hollywood.

The following links can give you contacts and further information about Route 66, preservation issues and local government.
City of West Hollywood
Los Angeles Conservancy
National Trust
Route 66 Government

Please help preserve Irv's Burgers by contacting some of the people or agencies listed here, via email. We suggest you use the copy below or amend it with your own statement. We urge you to compose your letter with as constructive a message as possible in order to convince those involved that our Mission is one of integrity and purpose.

Save Irv's Burgers!

Irv’s Burgers, a tiny stand located at the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Sweetzer Avenue, has served as a meeting place for the West Hollywood community for six decades. In addition to its colorful and long list of celebrity patrons, it is a true monument to Route 66 history and post World War II roadside architecture.

Unfortunately, due to neighborhood development and gentrification, Irv’s Burgers is struggling to stay open and remain at its original location. The stand is owned by the Hongs, a Korean-American family who invested their entire life's savings in buying Irv’s business from a former tenant of long-time owner Irving Gendis. The Hongs are beloved by scores of West Hollywood residents and businesses, many of whom eat there daily. Sadly, the Hong’s five year lease has expired and they are currently operating on a month to month agreement with their new landlord. Currently, the building’s land lease is held by Seltzer Commercial Real Estate who plans to develop the corner lot and lease the space to other operators.

The loss of Irv’s in West Hollywood would be another blow to our fragile Los Angeles culture. Destruction of this landmark would erase:
1) Another integral link to the Route 66 heritage
2) A classic post-World War II roadside stand
3) A genuine neighborhood eatery
4) The livelihood and future of a hardworking family

In just a few visits to Irv’s Burgers, one clearly realizes the value of this small business. The Hongs know all of their customers by name and many people stop by daily just to check in with them and get the local news. Every customer is recognized; each order out of the kitchen window has a personalized, handwritten caricature on a paper plate with a 'Just for You' caption in Sonia's handwriting.

Although thousands of neighbors and adjacent businesses have written letters like this one, made phone calls and signed petitions to save this iconic burger stand, we still urgently request your help and support. Please listen to the voices of the community and prevent the loss of an important part of Los Angeles’ heritage and culture.

jduran@weho.org, sguarriello@weho.org, jheilman@weho.org, jprang@weho.org, aland@weho.org, parevalo@weho.org, mailto:info@thestandardoil.com


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